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AURAEKO organizacja odzysku sa
 001 DRNE 2018AAC 0555 0555 2  Jubilee 10th Final of National Ecological Competition AURAEKO “Dobre Rady na Elektroodpady 2018” (Good Solutions for Electrowaste 2018) under the auspices of the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection

The mission of the AURAEKO competition is: reducing negative influence of waste electrical and electronic equipment and waste batteries and accumulators on the environment by shaping environment-friendly attitudes of pupils of primary schools and junior high schools.

The way the participants of subsequent editions as well as organisers have made, led to a high recognition of the competition when compared to other initiatives of ecological education in Poland.
Pruszków Free from Electronic and Electrical Waste 2018 - final of the ecological project

007 Festiwal Przedszkolaków 2018AAC 0212 0212After two pilot projects, another recurring ecological project was organised this year, prepared by AURAEKO in pre-primary schools in Pruszków: “Pruszków Free from Electronic and Electrical Waste 2018”. More than 1,700 children from 14 city pre-primary schools in Pruszków participated in this year’s project. The project focused on threats posed by waste batteries and accumulators as well as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) to the environment and human health.
 Environmentally friendly harvest in Wawer - Zerzeń

028 WAWER 2018 KWIECIEŃAAC 0116 0116
No, the title is not a mistake. While harvest indeed takes place in April, the combination of words in the title might be shocking. What we mean is 2environmentally friendly harvest taking place under the local projects of AURAEKO, which raise awareness of the risks to human health and the environment posed by waste electrical and electronic equipment and promote the collection of waste equipment and batteries. Everything was perfect - from the weather to the quantity of equipment collected during the event.