October 5th, 2010

At ”PikiniKołłek”- 3 tons of electro-waste in 4 hours

On October the 2nd this year, starting from 9 a.m. more and more tents and people could be seen at the school playing field of the 21st Kołłątaj Secondary School in Warsaw. A large, professional stage with tents of companies and organisations called for the start of ”PikiniKołłek” – an event organised by the 21st Kołłątaj Secondary School in Warsaw.
The kindergarten children with lovely choreography moved to the stage first, not only conquering the hearts of their parents, but also those of the older kids from the secondary school who arrived in great numbers. Two rock bands, whose line-up consisted of the secondary school students, marked their presence very clearly and were met with the very warm reception of their peers in the audience.

The fashion show performed by the teaching staff of the 21st Kołłątaj Secondary School was an absolute hit. The teaching staff surprised and enchanted and caused such applause among the present youth that the audience did not cool down for quite a long time. To put it simply, teachers of both sexes specialising in various school subjects, (normally just physics, math, English, physical education ”profs”) really bowled the teenagers over. The youth received this fashion show from their ‘profs’ enthusiastically, commenting loudly on the bravery of the teachers, the prepared costumes and the presentation skills, which they needed to acquire while preparing the above mentioned fashion show. The body language of the youth visible on the photos below, being the reaction to the actions of the teachers, unambiguously expresses the approval and also the level of applause. The atmosphere was heated further by girls performing exotic dances and wearing no less exotic costumes.

„PikniKołłek” was accompanied by the collection of used electrical and electronic equipment. Almost 3 tons of electro-waste was collected during the 4 hours of the picnic.

See the photo gallery below…