The Poland-wide ecological contest “Dobre Rady na Elektroodpady – Oddaj Mnie w Dobre Ręce” (“Good Solutions for Electrowaste – Leave Me in Good Hands”) is a project aimed at teaching elementary students about pro-ecological attitudes against the threats of the used-up electrical and electronic hardware and used-up batteries and accumulators.

Prove yourself in the independent and team work. Faint heart never won fair lady!

  1. Opportunity to act and play in super atmosphere among your peers. Development of your own organizational features.
  2. Individual and team prizes. The final stage will take place in the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw.
  3. Increased self-esteem by representing your school in a Poland-wide project.
  4. Increased interaction with your teammates, classmates and peers.
  5. Higher prestige among other schools and educational establishments and local authorities.
  6. Higher level of communication skills (photos, films, posts at

Until today 278 school teams have taken part in the contest, which equals 1,872 students who have collected – as part of the contest-related activities – more than 410 tons of the used-up hardware in total and more than 19 tons of the used-up batteries and accumulators. This project’s deliverables are hundreds of interviews in the students’ local environments, hundreds school magazines, photos and films.

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