learn more about the laws on electrical and electronic equipment

Legal regulations

Due to its general availability as well as significance for the economy and environmental protection, electrical and electronic equipment is governed by the provisions of the Act of 11 September 2015 on waste electrical and electronic equipment (Dz. U. [Polish Journal of Laws] of 2018, item 1466).

This page provides information on the legal regulations on electrical and electronic equipment, from brand new electrical and electronic equipment and placement thereof on the market, through trade in such equipment, up to wear, collection and treatment thereof.

Equipment covered by the act is understood as devices whose proper operation depends on supply of electricity or presence of electromagnetic fields and which can be used to generate, transmit or measure electricity or electromagnetic fields, designed for use at a maximum voltage of 1000 V AC and 1500 V DC. Examples of such equipment are listed in Appendix 1 to the Act.

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