August 23rd, 2016


Educational workshop dedicated to English Summer Camp 2016 participants „Threats to the environment and humanity from electronic waste ”

Target Group

Educational workshop ,, Threats to the environment and humanity from electronic waste” took part on the 22th of July 2016 during charity camp English Summer Camp 2016, that was held in Żelistrzewo located in Puck District. Participants consisted of 40 children in age from 9 to 14 years from – Gdansk Children’s Home, Family Children’s Home, Hospice Foundation, Gdynia MOPS, elementary school number 10 in Gdynia.
The children were divided into 2 age groups. Each group took part in separate lessons about electronic waste that lasted 2 hours.

Part 1 – theoretical issues

At the beginning children took a part in introduction about practice of protecting the natural environment – they learned what recycling and waste segregation are and discovered what electronic waste means. Later children had an opportunity to see an example of electronic device in their own environment and thought of their proper disposal methods. Children became acquainted with recycling methods and places where people can segregate wastes. At the end the teacher and pupils discussed good practices of reducing power consumption in our houses.

Part 2 – practice

The children were combined in pairs. Each pair was obliged to prepare a pictures which presented electronic devices or machines. After making the posters, teacher talked with children about methods of economic usage and electronic waste disposal. Poster were composed into small gallery and discussed with teacher. Participants obtained rewards – gadgets from company AURAEKO for their commitment and successful work.