August 23rd, 2014

English Summer Camp Report 2014

The aim of the workshop was primarily to increase awareness of threats to the environment from wasted equipment of everyday use, including electrical and electronic equipment and batteries. We also tried to develop proecological attitude based on treating old electrical and electronic equipment examples.

We started talking about “what we know electrical and electronic equipment?”. Children gave examples of electrical and electronic equipment that are staying in the room, such as a light bulb, projector, computer, and then divided into groups were supposed to write the greatest number of electric devices that came to their minds.

Children learned how to discover electric device, if it is not so obvious. Each group received different types of electrical equipment, their task was to find on any device the symbol of “crossed out bin”, which means that the particular thing can’t be throw out to normal bin. For better remembering the full list of devices that can’t be put into a normal, household bin children received crosswords and some riddles to solve.

Children the most enjoyed the task of drawing the lifecycle of an electrical device from its design, creation, purchase, by using, breaking down, repairing, till it becomes an electro litter.

Each group received points for work performed together, which was associated with obtaining organic bags with toys provided to us by AURAEKO company. The most involved kids were rewarded with additional gadgets.

The workshop attended 35 children aged 9-15 years from the Pomerania region, who are growing up in orphanages or come from families with low financial status. The workshop was held for the sixth time during the two-week English Camp, which is taking place as well through cooperation with AURAEKO Organizacja Odzysku Sprzętu Elektrycznego i Elektronicznego S.A.