February 28th, 2019

English Winter Camp 2019

On Thursday, February 21st 2019, during English Winter Camp, an event organized by Project Management Institute Poland Chapter, Gdańsk Branch association (PMI Poland Chapter) workshops “Threats for environment and human caused by used electric and electronic devices or batteries” were conducted.

Workshops were divided into two modules. In first one, participants defined used electric and electronic devices and threats related to them in context of whole environment. Second chapter was conducted as a game, in which children learnt how to recognize above mentioned wastes. As the main theme of English Winter Camp was astronomy, topic of workshops was presented in context of space debris.

First module was a seminar, when electronic wastes were presented as threat for environment. By presenting general problems and pollution of our planet and nearest space, topic of used electronic devices and batteries was emphasized. The workshop leader explained what “electronic wastes” are and what is the biggest threat related to improper storage of them. Electronic wastes segregation and necessity of transferring them to specialized units was also mentioned.

Second module was utilized for practical use of knowledge. For this, special game was performed. In the room were workshops took place models presenting “space electronic wastes”, batteries and other wastes or natural objects were placed. Children were divided into four groups. Three of them collected specific kind of wastes and the last one was crew of “space sorting station”. Players had to identify which kind of waste they found and place it in proper container.

In summary, workshops allowed children to recognize main threats related with improper storage of used batteries, electronic and electric devices. Methods of safe and environment-friendly utilization of this kind of wastes were also presented.