April 14th, 2018

Environmentally friendly harvest in Wawer – Zerzeń

No, the title is not a mistake. While harvest indeed takes place in April, the combination of words in the title might be shocking. What we mean is 2environmentally friendly harvest taking place under the local projects of AURAEKO, which raise awareness of the risks to human health and the environment posed by waste electrical and electronic equipment and promote the collection of waste equipment and batteries. Everything was perfect – from the weather to the quantity of equipment collected during the event.

The staff running our educational stand, which as usual offered leaflets, brochures and various gadgets, shared their knowledge, gave leaflets and rewarded people who returned their waste equipment with flower seedlings as well as cute eco-bags. People in vehicles of all well-known makes, colours and fuel types, including passenger cars, vans and trucks, drove up to our truck to leave their waste equipment. Waste equipment and batteries were also brought on bikes and in wheelbarrows. There was a steady stream of people leaving their waste equipment in our 4-tonne truck. As you can see in the photos in the gallery below, the waste equipment collected included fridges, washing machines, cables of all kinds, computers, TV sets and hundreds of other electrical devices.

The event, for which Rev. Krzysztof, local parish priest, provided the necessary support, was yet another successful event of this type organised in Wawer – Zerzeń with the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish.

Twice a year, AURAEKO collects 4 tonnes of waste equipment in that location, and the amount of equipment collected there during such events is not decreasing. The question is therefore how much waste equipment and how many waste batteries do we have in our homes? It seems that we still have a lot of such waste. However, in locations where such events have already been organised several times people are more willing to return their waste equipment free of charge. In turn, in locations where such events have never been organised people are much less aware of the negative impact of waste electrical and electronic equipment on human health and the environment and are thus less willing to return their waste equipment. AURAEKO organises, in different locations, about 10 such educational events a year. It seems that there is still much to be done to raise awareness of the importance of reducing the negative impact of waste equipment and batteries on the environment. Is it due to many years of neglect in that respect or is it due to the fast-growing quantities of equipment being manufactured which is expected to be replaced after 2-3 years? Or is it due to both these factors? One thing is certain – if we want to avoid drowning in e-waste, awareness-raising campaigns and collections of waste equipment and batteries are essential. During the event we collected an impressive 4 tonnes of waste equipment in 5 hours, i.e. 800 kg per hour. View our gallery below to see the photographs taken during the event.