October 23rd, 2014

„FLOWERS AGAINST E-WASTE 2014”, so only benefits..

The next edition of the national educational project „FLOWERS AGAINST E-WASTE 2014/2015” carried out by CASTORAMA chain and AURAEKO has started. The first stage of the project occurs from October to December 2014, the second stage will occur from January to March 2015.

The purpose of the project is to reduce the threats to environment and human health coming from electric and electronic waste (e-waste). Within the project a collection of used electrical or electronic devices, brought by CASTORAMA customers, takes place.

So a big round of applause to CASTORAMA chain which, through this project, carries out its corporate social responsibility for the environment. With growing saturation of electric and electronic waste this responsibility becomes more important.

Giving flowers to customers who bring used electrical or electronic devices to CASTORAMA collection not only builds its public positive image, but actually reduces the quantities of electric and electronic waste on municipal landfills and therefore reduces the risks of the environmental impacts. Gathered discarded electrical or electronic devices goes to licensed facility MAYA VICTORY Sp. z o.o., where it is processed to fractions. The previous years experience shows that the benefit of this project is more space at customers homes, public image advantages for CASTORAMA and AURAEKO and, most importantly, environmental risk mitigation with several hundred tonnes of discarded electrical or electronic devices that will not land on municipal landfills. The conclusion is clear, we all benefit from taking part in the project “FLOWERS AGAINST E-WASTE”. It’s a win-win situation.

Red Fred