October 18th, 2019


Yet another edition of the national educational project “FLOWERS FOR ELECTROWASTE 2019” ended in October. The project is carried out under the public environmental education campaign: “Shaping pro-ecological attitude of users of the electrical and electronic equipment”. This is a joint project of the CASTORAMA POLSKA and AURAEKO OOSEE S.A.

1. Target group
The target group of this project consisted in customers of CASTORAMA POLSKA who made a purchase or were planning to make a purchase in the regional store network throughout Poland – 45 stores in total. It is a unique target group due to the commercial activity of CASTORAMA, as well as the fact that this project is implemented in commercial facilities of CASTORAMA during their commercial activity.

2. Objectives of the project
The main objective of this project is to promote pro-ecological attitude of users of electrical and electronic equipment.

The main objective was achieved through:

  • raising the users’ awareness of the environmental hazard resulting from the waste electrical and electronic equipment with information leaflets created by AURAEKO and professional advice provided by employees,
  • active participation of CASTORAMA customers in the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment that reduces the environmental hazard and increases their safety.

Practical objective of the project was an increase of selective WEEE collection and reduction of the share that WEEE have in the municipal waste throughout Poland as well as an increase of the recovery and recycling of electrowaste.

3. Project duration:
The project was carried out between 22 May and 15 October 2019. Collections of the used equipment in CASTORAMA stores took place during weekends in September and October.

4. Education and awards
To achieve the objectives of the project, different educational activities were carried out, such as:

  • designing and exhibiting the project’s poster by CASTORAMA,
  • giving out educational leaflets created by AURAEKO.

Customers who brought waste electrical and electronic equipment were rewarded with flowers – heathers.
Once again, the project ended with the achievement of the objectives laid out in the introduction hereto.