March 23rd, 2016


Main objectives of the project are to raise the level of English proficiency and project management skills among a group of approx. 30 children aged 9-13 years old from the Pomeranian voivodeship.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Motivate children to study & work on self-development,
  • Increase the level of children’s self-efficacy and self-esteem,
  • Develop teamworking skills,
  • Increase the ability to handle stress,
  • Reduce level of aggression,
  • Increase social awareness and in particular show the dangers to the environment being a result of inadequate handling of electric and electronic devices and batteries,
  • Increase the level of children’s cross-cultural toleration,
  • Explore passions and interests.

The educational classes that aimed at developing children’s knowledge as far as electronic and electric waste is concerned took place on 22th February 2016 in Maksymilian Wilandt School in Darzlubie. 30 children aged 9-14 participated in this activity.

The workshops consisted of both theoretical and practical part where children worked in pairs. At the beginning the lecturers introduced kids to the wide environmental topic and also clarified what exactly can be defined as electronic and electric waste. After this short introduction children gave the examples of waste that they came across in the everyday life. Then they were asked whether they knew how to get rid of electronic waste and where it should be disposed to. At that moment children eagerly shared their experiences and stories. Kids were also given task where they had to draw a poster with electro-waste picture on it and the ideas of how to re-use this equipment economically. Groups were presenting their ideas and the broader discussion on how to introduce these ideas in the future developed. Children were very creative and at some point you could feel like a science fiction movie hero. Last but not least all of the participants were given rewards for their active participation and attention.