AURAEKO Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recovery Organization S.A. proposes a comprehensive service of transition of the responsibilities listed below resulting from the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act of 29 July 2005 together with subsequent amendments.


Within the framework of our services we offer :

  • submission of reports to the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection concerning weight of appliances placed on the Polish market and weight of the collected and processed waste appliances,
  • ensuring achievement of the required amount of collection, recovery and recycling determined and calculated in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act,
  • access to an internet platform for communication on transfer of information on number and weight of appliances placed on the market,
  • organization of waste appliances collection points,
  • organization of logistics of collection of the waste appliances from the clients,
  •  ensuring direct cooperation with waste treatment plants,
  •  otransfer of obligations to conduct educational campaigns resulting from the law.


We have considerable experience at our disposal, as well as highly qualified staff composed of specialists and a certificate Environmental Management System ISO 14001. All of these attributes guarantee provision of services of the best quality.


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in many cases provisions of law cause many troubles to Entrepreneurs who have to also face great diversity of economic events. Sometimes at the request of our Clients we gather knowledge from multiple professional sources in order to achieve the correct interpretation.


We invite you to start your cooperation with us –you may expect nothing but professionalism from our company.
This offer is directed to businesses already operating on the market as well as to companies which are just starting their economic activity.
We offer you professional advice concerning environmental protection.