August 23rd, 2019

Report of the educational activities at the English Summer Camp 2019

As every year, the Auraeko company supported the English Summer Camp. It is a charitable initiative of the Project Management Institute Poland Chapter, Gdańsk Branch, addressed to children from orphanages, foster families and families with a low financial status. Its purpose is to organise a
summer, two-week camp during which children have the opportunity to learn English, build a strong sense of self-esteem and ability to work together in a peer group. This year’s edition of the Camp took place in Wiele in Tuchola Forest on 5.08-14.08.2019.

One of the main events of each Camp’s programme is a workshop dedicated to electrical and electronic waste recycling. The aim of the workshop is to increase awareness of threats to our environment from wasted equipment of everyday use, including electrical and electronic equipment and batteries, as well as develop proecological attitude based on treating and recycling old electrical and electronic equipment.

In order to lead effective workshops, children were divided into four groups, each consisting of 10 children. The workshop started with a discussion about what electrical and electronic equipment children know, how to understand recycling process, how and where waste should be sorted. Each of
the group chose one household space: kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. Their task was to discuss among their group what devices are usually kept there and draw or make a list or of these devices. The groups exchanged names of five devices listed on their working sheets and each correct answer was scored. Then, each group received various types of electrical equipment with the task of finding a crossed out wheeled bin symbol on each device, meaning that the item could not be thrown into an ordinary waste container.

Children enjoyed very much a task of drawing a lifecycle of an electrical device from its design, creation, purchase, usage, breaking down, repairing, until it becomes an electro waste.

At the end, each group received points for the work done together and prizes: mascots, leaflets, reflective bands, notebooks and pens, all packed into eco carry bags provided by the AURAEKO company.