October 24th, 2012

The picnic at the 21st Hugo Kołłątaj secondary school in Warsaw = Piknikołłek 2012.

On October 13th, 2012, having started early in the morning, it was getting more and more colourful at the schoolyard belonging to the 21st Secondary School, and a group of secondary school students was getting larger and larger. After a short time, the artistic performances and the programme of the AURAEKO’s educational stand got started. At the same time, the collection of used electrical and electronic equipment started. This year’s PIKNIKOŁŁEK was different from the previous ones because only the youth from the Hugo Kołłataj Secondary School were giving performances, with the exception of the guest performance of a big band from Warka, which was also formed by youngsters anyway. From the singers, to the excellent fable theatre, to the rescue shows at the end, and even down to the sound system for the event, all credit goes to the youth. Very effective compering provided by two secondary school students, was also an advantage of PIKNIKOŁŁEK 2012. It is completely impossible to mention all the interesting and even breath-taking events and spectacles, The excellent dancing girls competed with alpinists and archery. It seemed that with all this great fun going on, the collection of electro-waste organised by AURAEKO would be a failure. However, during PIKNIKOŁŁEK 2012 we collected about 1 tonne of used electrical and electronic equipment.

If the whole event was to be perceived from the point of view of the objectives, which the organisers managed to accomplish, then the activation of one’s own community would occupy first place. Secondly, the propagation of attitudes and skills among the youth was another great accomplishment. It was a very difficult task, however, they did it.

PIKNIKOŁŁEK 2012 is this year’s last educational project for AURAEKO, therefore it is worth saying that in the year 2012, within the framework of the educational actions and the collections related to them, in general we have collected over 75 tonnes of used electrical and electronic equipment, including 1 tonne and 700 kg of used batteries and accumulators. So much less electro-waste has reached the municipal landfills.