September 26th, 2012

There were no crowds, but we collected over 2,900 tonnes of electro-waste in Wawer!

Together with the Wawer – Zerzeń Roman Catholic Church Parish and with MAYA VICTORY Sp. z o.o, AURAEKO was involved in an annual collection of used electrical and electronic equipment on October 6th, 2012. There were no crowds, and we must admit that we have got used to that a little bit. However, every now and then, inhabitants would appear at the square in front of the church, bringing their used equipment, even the larger-size ones, such as refrigerators, washing machines and dish washers. The golden colours of Autumn and the rays of the still warm Autumn sun were a special reward for the participants of the collection. We gave out beautiful, ecological shopping bags and heather. It is not true that used electrical and electronic equipment may be treated as ordinary rubbish. One of the participants, while giving away an old TV set, mentioned the joy with which they bought it and the pain accompanying them because of the price, which they had had to pay for it 20 years ago. However, when they compared this price with the emotions which accompanied them during watching movies, TV programmes and TV broadcasts of football matches, they said that they had become attached to it and that it was difficult for them to part with it. This is a completely new aspect of the used equipment that we had not anticipated. Not an economic one and not an ecological one, but an emotional and very personal one.

The fruit of our Saturday collection is over 2,900 tonnes of electro-waste and it is good that it all found its way to us. As it will be processed, it will surely not be detrimental to the environment and the people, but there will rather be some benefit from its recovery. Let the emotional experiences, especially the good ones, of the people related to the use of their equipment, stay with the former users, thus creating the largest of all the positives for the upcoming Autumn days.